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Preventive Dentistry

At Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic, we work with you to proactively avoid and repair cavities before you experience discomfort. We have been serving our valued community and beyond for over 25 years. At the very heart of our philosophy is the belief that prevention is always the best cure. We offer the full range of general dentistry services. Furthermore, we couple our services with client care, so you can feel relaxed and at ease.

Your initial visit

What happens during your initial visit with our team? Well, the process is simple. We’ll take the time to discuss your oral health and any issues or concerns you may have. We will then carry out a full examination using panoramic radiographs and digital radiography. These are simple and non-invasive safe scans that allow our team to obtain a complete picture of your teeth. We are able to identify any cavities right away as well as bone loss, root decay, fractures, and much more.

Top technologies

The team at Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic has modern technologies that have been tried and tested to deliver outstanding dental care to our patients. During your initial visit and your regular checkups, we manage to get a comprehensive analysis of your complete oral health using the latest X-ray technology on the market today. If we are seeking to get a complete view of the entire mouth area including both the lower and upper jaws, we will use a panoramic radiograph. This is a simple procedure where the patient inserts a comfortable bite block into their mouth while our machine delivers a complete 360 scan of your mouth. We also use digital radiography to produce simple and easy-to-view images of your teeth. These quick, safe, and painless procedures can allow us to identify and prevent cavities and plaque build-up, monitor tooth growth in children, and identify any potential wisdom teeth, bone, or root issues.

Dental care

One of the main pillars of our philosophy is that we want to take the fear and anxiety out of visiting the dentist. When you visit us for you initial consultation, you’ll be amazed by the calm and friendly atmosphere in Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic. The process is really quite simple. Our team will first sit down with you and take the time to understand your needs and concerns. We will then carry out a full examination of your teeth, gums, and jaw. Using the aforementioned technologies, our team is able to produce a comprehensive analysis of your oral health and identify any risk areas or current problems. We also make sure to test for oral cancer so you can be assured you are in good health going forward.

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