Dental Fillings Can Help Protect Your Smile

When you're experiencing decay in one or more of your teeth, dental fillings can not only stop its progression, they can also strengthen your tooth, restore your smile, and give you the confidence to show your teeth in the process.

What are dental fillings and what are they made from?

One of the most common and important dental procedures, dental fillings replace areas of your teeth that have experienced and been weakened by decay and play a vital role in the maintenance of dental health.

There are three main types of fillings materials, each offering unique benefits:

  • Amalgam (a silver-coloured alloy): Strong and long-lasting, this material can withstand the forces of biting and chewing; however, because it is visible when you smile, it can negatively affect smile aesthetics.
  • Composite (a tooth-coloured resin): Easily matched to the colour of your teeth, this material offers aesthetic benefits but is not as strong as amalgam options.
  • Gold: Durable and long-lasting, this variation is unlikely to cause allergic reactions. It’s also the most costly filling option.

How are fillings placed?

Once we’ve removed the decayed portion of your tooth and cleaned the area, the dental filling material will be put in place, protecting your tooth from further decay and restoring its strength.

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  • Stop the growth of decay
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  • Avoid the need for more complex treatments by removing decay quickly
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