Teeth Extractions Jacksonville Fl

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Tooth extraction is a type of dental procedure where a tooth is removed from the socket, otherwise known as the dental alveolus. Teeth extractions in Jacksonville FL are either performed by general dentists, periodontists, or oral surgeons who have all of the training and experience to get the task done safely and effectively. If you have a dental concern and it is unable to be fixed any other way, the tooth may be removed with the extraction process to maintain a healthy mouth.

About Dental Extractions

There are generally two different types of procedures for extracting teeth, which are: 

Simple Extractions –These are generally performed on a tooth that is visible within the mouth and the procedure can be done by just using local anesthesia. 

Surgical Extractions –This is a procedure performed when there is a tooth that cannot be accessed easily. There may be a situation where the tooth is under the gum line and has broken or it has simply not fully erupted yet.

For the most part, teeth extractions in Jacksonville FL may be the last option that your dentist considers as a solution. In order to determine the best course of action, you will need to see a dental professional to have an examination and full assessment. 

Reasons For Tooth Extraction

Irreparable Tooth Damage –If you happen to have severe decay in one or more teeth, this is an issue where the decay makes its way down into the pulp in the center of the tooth. Bacteria can invade and lead to infection, so extraction instead of a root canal will be an option. 

Periodontal Disease –This is a type of infection that forms in the bone, gums, or periodontal ligaments or other structures around your teeth. Earliest stages of periodontal disease show up as gingivitis, but it can get severe to the point where extraction may be the best option. 

Impaction –If you have a tooth that is blocked from coming through or your gums did not erupt, an extraction may be required so that there is no potential damage for the other teeth. Extraction of an impacted tooth might help to cut back on the risk of overcrowding or infection. 

Damage –Whenever there has been some major trauma or damage to one or more teeth from an injury or accident, the first course of action will be to try to preserve the teeth whenever possible. If bridges, bonding, or crowns are not an option due to excessive damage, a tooth extraction will be necessary.

There are different situations for different people where teeth extractions in Jacksonville FL are completely necessary. Our staff at ASAP Dental Care do whatever possible to make sure we go through all of the available options to try to maintain your natural teeth. However, if extraction is the best route to take, you can feel confident in our level of expertise and skill. We invite you to make an appointment with us or stop by to talk with us about your dental options along with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding tooth extractions and dental care.

Teeth Extractions Jacksonville Fl