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Zoom Teeth Whitening in Sherwood Park, AB

Having a beautiful smile that you can be proud of is our passion. That’s why we offer services that take advantage of all the latest technology. We offer Zoom WhiteSpeed teeth whitening at our office in Sherwood Park, AB. The Zoom in office whitening system is our method of choice because we’ve seen that it offers excellent results in a short period of time.

Our dental team has been impressed with the results we have achieved for our valued patients. Because teeth are easily stained by everyday activities such as drinking your cup of coffee or having a glass of wine, many people can benefit from teeth whitening services. Zoom is a great solution for nearly anyone who wants to brighten their smile quickly and easily.

How Zoom WhiteSpeed works

This is a stock photo and not a patient of Sherwood Dental Centre. Results not guaranteed and are different for all patients.

Zoom’s in-office teeth whitening system combines hydrogen peroxide gel and a visible LED light lamp for rapid results. A typical whitening treatment involves applying the whitening gel directly to your teeth before exposing your teeth to the Zoom lamp for up to three or four 15-minute sessions. You will love how fast the Zoom WhiteSpeed system works, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Zoom is among the more recent teeth whitening technologies. This whitening system has gained widespread popularity because it is effective and easy to administer.

Whitening treatment specifics

Many people don’t quite understand the teeth whitening process and are often unsure or nervous about what to expect. You will likely be surprised by just how simple and easy it is when our team explains the process to you.

During preparation for the treatment, our team will gently place a plastic retractor in your mouth to keep it open and help reduce jaw fatigue. Then, we will take care to ensure any soft tissues in the mouth, such as gums, cheeks, lips, and tongue, are protected to minimize discomfort. You will also be given an LED light filter to protect your eyes.

From there on out, it is simply a case of relaxing and letting the Zoom whitening process take its course. Our team will record the color and shade of your teeth before and after the process, so you can see the results right away.

Some patients do report teeth sensitivity from teeth whitening procedures, we can discuss these risks with you at your next visit. Contact Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic in Sherwood Park, AB, to make an appointment or to ask any questions you have about our dental services.

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