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Composite Restorations / Teeth Fillings

It has been common practice in general dentistry to restore decayed portions of teeth by using fillings. This allows your dental practitioner to quickly repair the tooth, avoid further decay, and prevent any potential infections that could cause a toothache. At Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic, we use composite restorations to make sure you have a reliable solution going forward. When you visit our clinic, our caring team will talk you through every step of the process, and answer any questions you may have. Call our compassionate team today to learn more.

The advantages of composite restoration

Silver fillings can be unsightly and could cause additional problems. Composite fillings can assist in restoring damaged or decayed teeth. Consisting of a mixture of plastic and glass, you can be less concerned about corrosion or wear when it comes to composite restorations. At Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic, our caring team is well versed in inserting composite fillings and our professional dentist will talk you through the process.

Filling replacement

Whether you are concerned that your current metal fillings have corroded and are causing additional decay or you simply find them unsightly, Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic can help you by replacing the tooth filling. The process is not unlike the initial adding of a composite filling. Call our caring team today and let’s get you feeling great about your smile.

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