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Sherwood Park’s Laser Treatment

Laser treatment has revolutionized dentistry, and the dental team at Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic is well versed in utilizing it to deliver outstanding oral care to our community in Sherwood Park. Laser treatment works by delivering energy in the form of light, and it has a wide-reaching application when it comes to dentistry. For example, a fractured tooth that is damaged by decay or injury may not have enough tooth structure to support a crown. This is where laser treatment shows its worth. In a process called a gingivectomy, our dentists are able to laser the gum area to increase the amount of available tooth structure to allow the tooth to support the crown. Furthermore, tissue can be re-contoured using a laser to create a more pleasing smile. Laser treatment has allowed our professionals at Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic to deliver much more effective treatments for our valued patients at an affordable rate. Don’t hesitate to call our team today to book an appointment for fast, effective, and pain-free laser treatment.

Pain-free gingivectomy and crown lengthening

When you have an issue with a damaged tooth, Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic should be your first call. Our team is on hand to assist you with fixing the issue and preventing any further damage, pain, or infection. The process usually involves adding a crown to the affected tooth. This allows for a fast and effective resolution of the issue and prevents any danger of infection. However, the process can be further complicated when there is not enough tooth structure to support the crown. Using laser technology, our team is able to use laser treatment to assist in certain crown procedures, increasing the long-term success rate of the treatment.

Effective cold sore treatments

Cold sores and fever blisters are a common occurrence in many people, and recent studies have shown that up to 80% of Americans have the virus that leads to these unpleasant outbreaks. For many people, suffering from a cold sore can have a major impact on their day-to-day lives. Aside from the irritation and minor pain, many of us will feel embarrassed or lose confidence due to these unsightly and contagious blisters. In the past, the treatment involved using expensive creams and ointments and waiting it out. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. The good news is that at Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic, we use the latest laser technologies to offer a truly effective solution to cold sores. Our team will use lasers to quickly destroy cold sores. Using highly-focused light therapy goes right to the heart of the cold sore and immediately kills the virus. What’s more, this treatment process has been found to encourage the body to heal itself quicker. You don’t have to let cold sores or blisters affect your confidence and mood. Why not call us today and let our caring team solve the problem for you as soon as possible?

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