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Sherwood Park’s Ceramic Restoration

CEREC is an in-house method for repairing damaged fillings and restoring any cracked, chipped, or decayed teeth. Popular for over 30 years, a CEREC visit allows you to receive a precise milling of porcelain crowns, inlays, and onlays. It’s advantageous not only for its accuracy but also as a truly efficient process. A CEREC dentist like those in Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic can create a fit in-house. This ensures that you are not at risk of further damage, decay, or infection. It also avoids the need of getting a temporary fitting. Our team here in Sherwood Park will work to provide you with a good looking, comfortable, and durable restoration.


In repairing damaged fillings or decaying teeth accuracy is critical. Failure to ensure the perfect match can often do more harm than good and lead to discomfort or pain down the line. With CEREC, our dentists are able to produce precise millings of porcelain crowns, inlays, and onlays. We have years of experience in the process and know how to create a fit for your teeth. Don’t hesitate to contact our caring team to set up a visit.


Did you know ceramic material wears at the same rate as tooth enamel? Reach out to our team and see if CEREC is right for you?

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