What You Need to Know About Invisalign in Sherwood Park

Couple with bright, straight teeth smile

At every age, your smile is one of the first things people notice. So if you’re feeling shy or uncomfortable with crooked or teeth that stick out, there’s good news. You may be able to stop dreaming about having a beautiful smile with healthy, straight teeth. It’s even possible to straighten your teeth without living with uncomfortable metal braces. Invisalign …

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Oral Hygiene Tips From Your Dentist in Sherwood Park

Woman brushes her teeth in washroom

In these uncertain times, everyone has placed a bigger focus on hygiene and clean spaces. But for dental practices – including Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic, your dentist in Sherwood Park, hand and respiratory hygiene are concepts that always have and will continue to have great importance to all of us. The health and safety of our patients, teams, families, and …

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Teeth Whitening Will Give You A More Radiant Smile

Woman with white teeth smiles in dental chair

Do you avoid smiling around others? Are you worried people look at you differently because of your discoloured teeth? At Sherwood Park, we know what that’s like. After all, as dentists in Sherwood Park, our job is to understand all of the different concerns you may have with the condition of your teeth – and the solutions available to keep …

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Oral Cancer Awareness – Early Detection Saves Lives

Middle-aged couple smiles after getting an oral cancer screening

As dentists in Sherwood Park at Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic, we have the expert skill and training to detect many diseases of the mouth, including oral cancer. Did you know that three Canadians die every day from oral cancer? In fact, more people die from mouth and throat cancers than either cervical or skin cancer. And because two-thirds of oral …

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Your Dentist In Sherwood Park Wants To Keep You Free Of Gum Disease!

Middle-aged woman brushes her teeth in washroom

You may have periodontal (gum) disease and not even know it, and as your dentist in Sherwood Park, at Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic we want to help you avoid the serious health implications that can come with untreated gum disease. We’re not trying to scare you, but … nearly half of adults have it. And many don’t know it. Also known …

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5 Tips For A Terrific New Year From Your Dentist In Sherwood Park

A happy family smiles while lying on their stomachs on grass

With each new year, many of us tend to come up with a list of resolutions. The most common ones tend to revolve around health and personal finances. But what about your smile?  We’ve all been guilty of failing to floss or rushing our brushing routine. With these top tips from your dentist in Sherwood Park, your entire family can …

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Get A Crown In Just One Visit In Sherwood Park

Couple embraces and smiles to reveal their beautiful smiles with same-day crowns

Maintain a strong smile with this restorative treatment New advances in dental technology are challenging Mother Nature! The CEREC®, a computerized chairside restoration system, makes it possible to make life-like porcelain same-day crowns, inlays, onlays, and larger fillings right here, from our dentists in Sherwood Park! Previously, major tooth restorations required at least two and sometimes, three appointments. At your …

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A Special Message From Your Sherwood Park Dentist’s Hygiene Team!

Female dental patient swishes mouthwash in her mouth

At Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic – your dentist in Sherwood Park – we practice what we preach. Proof positive of our commitment to optimal preventive oral health care is our wonderful registered dental hygienists. Their goal is to help you to achieve and maintain the optimal oral health that supports a beautiful smile, through diagnostic assessment, prevention, and education. Here’s …

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Prevent Discomfort & Problems With Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you’re like most people, you’ll have your “wisdom” teeth removed at some point in your life. And wisdom teeth removal is available at many dental practices, including ours – Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic! Perhaps you’ve already undergone this procedure and now your son or daughter is experiencing mouth discomfort due to these large third molars. Is the pain affecting …

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Most Dental Insurance Plans Accepted For Your Convenience

As dentists in Sherwood Park, at Sherwood Centre Dental Clinic, we don’t want anyone to put off their dental care because they don’t think they can afford it. Whether you have dental insurance coverage or not, we want you to be able to book your next appointment with confidence. In the dental industry, we know that people with dental insurance …

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